Learning Support for Distance Learning

Pip will be available to assist, through Teams all students who normally have timetabled classes in G13. This will need to happen during the usual allocated timetabled time. All students are expected to check in at the start of the lesson so we can make a plan for that time. The Teacher Aides are also available as outlined below.

Junior School: All students have been registered for an online literacy programme called Stepsweb (found under Learning Staircase on a web search). The classroom teacher has username and password for each student or alternatively you can contact ziedinsc@scotscollege.school.nz to get that information. Cath (Teacher Aider) will be monitoring the usage and liaise with each classroom teacher. Workbooks have been posted out to the individual students who Cath works with so a mixture of online and handwritten would be expected to be carried out. Email Cath with any problems regarding this programme. Rosie will be working with Cath to set up Teams.

Middle School: Years 7-10 are expected to check in and begin with at least 20 minutes on the steps web programme at the start of each timetabled lesson. Pip Laing will monitor the usage. There are additional websites and worksheets available should students manage to keep on top of their set work. These can be found under files on Teams. Please email laingp@scotscollege.school.nz if there are any problems.

Sarah Whyte and Emma Rehutai have set up Teams for their Guided Reading groups so these will go ahead at the usual timetabled times at the start of some of the English lessons. Students will be aware of these times. This will be done through the video link on Teams. The resources that will be used can be found under Files on the Teams page. Both Sarah and Emma will be available during their timetabled subject times so please know that students will still be supported.

Senior School: Years 11-13 are expected to check in via Teams at the timetabled time. Pip will discuss with each student their goal for the lesson and check to see if any support is required subject wise. The students who normally use Stepsweb are expected to continue with this at the start of the scheduled LS time. This will be monitored.

For the students with SACs please remember that these are still valid. So please contact Pip Laing laingp@scotscollege.school.nz to let her know of any assessments set and to discuss the need and we can work out together how we can provide the assistance required.

These are challenging times for us all and I understand that family dynamics will come into force and make learning as we know it difficult but please persevere as best you can. If you are struggling then please contact Pip Laing now and together we can try to sort out something that works. Please be assured that the LS department is here to help and do contact us with any concerns.

  • Pip Laing

Microsoft Assistive Technology for LED students

We understand many LED students may become quickly overwhelmed when having to read a quantity of text quickly. Some Assistive Technology to support students is already built into the Microsoft suite of Word, Onenote and Teams so is easy to use. Here’s a helpful interactive guide on using these features:

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