Tottenham Hotspur Virtual Monthly Coach Education Programme – hosted by Scots College

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Tottenham Hotspur and Scots College have established a partnership seeing the launch of the first Tottenham Hotspur Elite Player Development Programme in New Zealand.

Alongside player development, Tottenham Hotspur are also running a virtual coach education programme. To maintain excellence in footballing standards and best practice, with tailored workshops for both elite and grassroots coaches in the region, collaborating with local clubs, school partners and football clubs.

The programme consists of 10 virtual seminars.
Sessions will run 7– 8.15am on the last Friday of every month, excluding December.
Cost of the first session is free, the remaining 9 sessions are $150. 

Start date is planned for Friday 26th March

For enquiries please contact Scots College Director of Football, Stu Jacobs


March: Global Football Development Philosophy
April: Technical Development (Pre-Academy/Foundation Phase)
May: Technical Development (Youth Development Phase)
June: Physical Development: The transition from Foundation Phase to the Youth Development Phase
July: Injury Prevention
August: Tactical Development (Foundation Phase)
September: Tactical Development (Youth Development Phase)
October: Psychological & Social Development
November: Session Planning: How to plan effectively
December: Review – How can you continue your development?

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