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2023 Middle School Enrolment Process

The process for 2023 Middle School (Years 7-10) student enrolments will take place as follows:

2023 Middle School enrolment applications received after 5pm Friday April 8 2022 will be placed in the 2023 Middle School Wait Pool.

Students attending the College in 2022 automatically receive entrance to the subsequent year group in 2023. For students coming through the Junior School, there is no need to re-enrol for Middle School. Please note, after Term 2 of 2022, no places will be available in Year 6 in our Junior School as numbers transitioning through to Middle School will have been confirmed and finalised.

NB: limited enrolment places will be kept open at Years 7 and 9 as part of our annual Scholarship process.


After the enrolment cut-off date, Friday 8 April 2022, the Middle School Principal’s PA will contact successful applicants to arrange an interview for enrolment with the Middle School Principal.

All applicants will be notified of an enrolment interview or ‘wait pool’ decision via email no later than Monday 9 May 2022.

If successfully shortlisted for a place at the College an interview with the Middle School Principal or his delegate(s) will take place with all prospective students and their parents or guardians. Following interviews, an offer of place may be made.

When making offers of a place, Scots College may take into consideration the following:

  • All Round Character aspects – Faith, Service, Diversity, Internationalism
  • General excellence in all areas of the curriculum including Academic, Arts and Sporting Involvement
  • Siblings of current or past students
  • Students who have a family connection with the College
  • Children of a current staff member
  • Boarding students
  • International students
  • Embassy and Government postings
  • Re-enrolling students
  • A previous association with the school
  • Length of time the applicant has been pre-enrolled at Scots College

NB: Admission decisions will fully support the values of Scots College and are made at the discretion of the Middle School Principal and/or the Headmaster. 

  1. The Middle School Principal will seek enrolments on the basis of the current approved Scots College online enrolment form.
  2. The Middle School Principal will review each application to establish that the student seeking enrolment has a specific or general connection with the All-Round Character education as determined by the Board of Governors.
  3. On the basis of the above determinations, the Middle School Principal will identify a shortlist of students to be invited for an interview, and a subsequent wait pool if enrolment numbers exceed places available.
  4. An interview with the Principal or his delegate(s) will take place with all prospective students (and their parents or guardians) if successfully shortlisted for a place at the College.
  5. Following interviews, the Principal’s recommendations for an offer of place will be made.
  6. Offers of place will be made in writing for all available places and a 7-day turn-a-round will be granted to formally accept the offer of place. Please note that after the 7-day official offer period the offer of place may be revoked.
  7. In the event that a vacancy arises at Years 7 – 10 throughout the year, the Principal may decide to fill the vacancy via the ‘Wait Pool’ and in doing so will follow the same procedure as stated above.
  8. If an offer is made and accepted a non-refundable ‘Confirmation of Acceptance’ fee of $420 and ‘Leavers Bond’ of $1000 will be is payable immediately to Scots College as part of the Confirmation of Acceptance form. The ‘Leavers Bond’ is refundable to families when a student departs the College, and the student’s account is settled in full.
  9. An offer of a place is not transferable to another student or another Year Level.

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