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The Libraries provide up-to-date curriculum support material, magazines and books for recreational reading and an excellent selection of fiction and non-fiction material is available.  Students are encouraged to use the Library in their free time, when the usual rules pertaining to good Library practice are enforced.

Junior School Library & Information Centre

The Library is suited to assist students in undertaking research and inquiry as well as a place to study or read.

For Junior Students the library can be transformed into a makerspace where alongside a sanctuary of books it is a learning hub where boys can experiment in solving challenges through coding, basic electronics, tinkering with devices and unleashing creativity through the use of construction blocks and lego. Year 6 boys are appointed as Librarians; the Head Librarian is a Senior Leader. All classes have at least one Library period a week; these are timetabled at the beginning of each year.

All students are assisted by a team of qualified staff to obtain and process information. Students are encouraged to develop a high level of understanding and independence in their learning.

Opening hours for all students are generally 8.15am to 4.15pm.  This may vary depending on availability of staff.

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