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The Christian faith on which Scots College was founded remains the core principle for our spiritual life and our values.

The College is Presbyterian in foundation, but accepts students of all denominations, religions, creeds and cultures. Those who are part of the Scots College community are expected to embrace our shared values and participate in chapel life. This includes students attending regular Friday Chapel services and annual House services (and Junior service) to which families are also invited. The Friday services are held at the College and House services are held on a Sunday in a local parish Church.

There are also Easter, Founders and Carol services annually that all members of the Scots College community are invited to. These are held at St John’s in the City on Willis St.

All students from Years 1 to 11 attend Religious Education classes at least once a week. Religious Education continues into Year 12 and 13 for students not studying IB. Students pursuing the IB path study Theory of Knowledge and have a service component to their Diploma which incorporates the spiritual dimension.

Supporting this spiritual dimensions to life is everyone’s calling at Scots, and is led by our Chaplain, David Jackson, through Chapel services and Religious Education.

To experience what a Scots Chapel service is like check out the Scots Chapel Facebook page and listen to the Chaplaincy team on Sound Cloud.

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