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PaperCut Mobility Print Overview

PaperCut Mobility enables all end-user clients (for example, iPhones, Chromebooks, Android phones, and laptops) that are not managed by the school –BYOD devices to securely print to any printer in the school.

  • Is secure and easy for end users to set up and use
  • Empowers users to set up printing themselves—no need for a techie!
  • Provides users with a simple setup experience—no need to know the IP address of the printer.
  • Provides all users with a consistent print experience irrespective of the make or model of a printer.
  • Provides the simplest end-user print experience.
  • Supports all popular platforms – iOS (iPhones and iPads), Android, Chrome OS (Chromebooks), Windows, and macOS.
  • All user login credentials are secure and encrypted.
Let’s install/configure the printer in your device, first, you need to be connected to the school Wi-Fi in order to discover the printers available for you, they are called “FollowMe” and “FollowMe_Color”, then please click the link and follow the instructions

For each specific devices, you would need to visit each of the links, but by default the browser will detect which devices are accessing the web site and it will take you to the right link.

When it ask for your PaperCut username and password, Please enter school username and password, same account details that you use for WiFi, Scot-E and Spider portal.

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