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About your BYOD Computer

This is a guide to:

  1. What you must download and set-up
  2. Subject based software needed/suggested


What I need to do so my computer is ready for school

Please ensure your computer is fully charged at home each night.  Charging your computer during a lesson or classroom will not be acceptable and there are not enough charging stations for everyone to use between classes.

Login to ScotE

To do so, either:

1Click on ScotE at the top of www.scotscollege.school.nz and follow the instructions. Be sure to click keep me signed in


enter details into the sign-in page on your internet browser:

Set-up your OneDrive folders so they sync to your computer’s hard drive

Click on the App Launcher (top left of window) from Scot-e and click on OneDrive



Click on sync

You will find that your OneDrive folder syncs to your computer into your folders.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a working, up to date copy of Virus Protection software installed on your computer. You can download free antivirus software online, such as AVG Free, AVAST or use the built in Windows Defender.

It is also strongly advised to turn on Windows Updates to receive patches and bug fixes.

Download Microsoft Office 365 for Free

All students are able to download Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus for free. Navigate to https://office.com/ and login with your Scots College account. On the right hand side click the “Install Office” button and then “Office 365 apps”. Once it has downloaded, run the application on your computer to install Office 365.

Subject Specific Software

There may be some subjects that require other specific software, particularly with senior students. Subject teachers will let students know what software they will require for their courses. (e.g. Senior art students may need Adobe Photoshop  – now a cloud based application where a subscription is needed. Your teachers will give you more information about this).


Ensure that your computer is easily recognisable; make sure it is clearly named both on the computer and your computer case, as well as on any peripheral devices you use (headphones, mouse, stylus / pen etc.).

When not in use, your computer should be stored securely in your locker or in a charging station.


The College blocks the use of VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) on the use of any device connected to the College network.

VPN’s allow users to circumvent the firewall. Scots monitors the network to ensure that students are using the network in a safe and appropriate manner. Blocking all VPN’s ensures students are safe and using the internet appropriately, protects the College network and gives the IT team the ability to effectively monitor internet traffic to identify possible bottle necks and issues that would allow them to improve network performance.

If a VPN is required on the device outside of the school environment you will need to ensure the VPN software is disabled or uninstalled when using the College’s network on site. The College is a safe and monitored environment and does not need the laptop to run a VPN to protect it against virus or cyberattacks, the College firewalls will do this.

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