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With our society’s increasing reliance on mobile devices, Scots College is continually working to provide ongoing support, guidance and protection for students, staff and parents from online harm while still allowing individuals the opportunities to take advantage of the educational advantages that the internet, gaming and mobile devices offer us.

Scots College has recently partnered with ‘Family Zone’, New Zealand’s leading provider of cyber safety and digital-awareness tools and services. As part of this partnership Scots is currently working with ‘Family Zone’ to create a private Family Zone account for every Middle School family. You will receive an email with instructions to activate your account. Once your account is set up, please watch the videos and follow the instructions on this website to install and activate Family (Mobile) Zone on your children’s devices, and customise the settings for your family.

Please take time to read the ‘Policies’ information below which explains how we are distributing Mobile Zone licenses within our Middle School community and our ongoing expectations for technology use at the College.

Matt Allen
Principal, Middle School

Information on Family Zone and Cybersafety:
For further information from a past presentation on FamilyZone, please go to and download the slides. 

Change to School Policy

From the start of Term Two 2019, in Years 7 – 10 the following school policies will apply:
1.Mobile Phones:  All students in Years 7 – 10 will be required to have Family Zone’s Mobile Zone application (app) installed on personal mobile phones, their laptop (and any other BYOD devices) brought to school. The school will then be able to enforce policies during school time which will keep the children safe online, in case they choose to use mobile phone data. Students may then be allowed to use these devices to support their learning during class time, if their teacher consents. Parents may choose to not use this facility outside of school hours.
2. Costs:  For the duration that your son is enrolled in the Middle School, the cost for the Family Zone Package is covered by Scots College.
What is included: The Family Zone Family Pack includes 6 licenses for protection for up to 3 students and up to 6 devices. NB: Not all family members are required to be students at Scots College in the Middle School in particular. You may choose to use this for another child who is in the senior school, or a sibling who attends another school in Wellington, as long as your son in the Middle School firstly has FamilyZone installed on ALL of his devices.  

About Family Zone and the Mobile Zone app in particular

There is no end of stories about how children and the internet often don’t mix. But searching around for solutions as concerned parents were fruitless. Products either didn’t do nearly enough or were so obtrusive that the internet may as well have been switched off.

As a group of parents, they decided it was up to them – after all, the fledgling Family Zone team had extensive backgrounds in telecommunications and technology.

That’s how it all started, and after a lot of work they had Family Zone: a complete, comprehensive system that really works. Developed by parents for parents. Family Zone brings together the best Cyber Experts, organisations and technologies into one easy-to-use system.

They developed it, they use it, and now they want to share it, so that everyone can enjoy the same peace of mind that they do. Family Zone’s innovative cyber safety platform has been chosen by over 600 schools and more than 350,000 families across Australia, New Zealand and the US.

What is Mobile Zone?

Protecting children from the dangers of the online world doesn’t end at the front door and doesn’t stop after school. Mobile Zone is the solution to protect your children on any laptop or connected smart device on any network. Mobile Zone is a simple app that routes mobile data through the Family Zone VPN (virtual private network) to make full use of the suite of controls that include web filters and social networking controls. It imposes strict adult content restrictions on Youtube and blocks all adult or unrated content. It can send alerts to parents each time your child install an app considered unsafe by chosen Cyber Safety experts, along with advice and instructions on what to do next. Your child can request access to sites or apps through a simple interface on the message facility on the kids’ app.

How does it work? As the parent, you create your Family Zone by downloading the Zone Manager App on your smartphone and following their quick set-up guide to set up the times and zones for your child(ren). The Mobile Zone App is designed for your kid’s devices. It is not for parents and does not have parental features. To manage your family’s settings you need to access the Family Zone Web Account online or through the Zone Manager App. If the child’s app is deleted, the filtering profile will continue to work. More information is available online at the Family Zone Help site which is available online from solutions/folders/5000281783. They have extensive online help options available, including Cyber Experts, forums, instructional videos and an Australian contact centre.

How does Mobile Zone work on different platforms?

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