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1:1 Computing at Scots

This page provides an overview of the 1:1 Device programme at Scots College. Please refer to the FAQs for more information. If you have any further questions, please refer to the staff listed in the Contacts.

What is 1:1 Computing?

A classroom where there is one computer to each student. 1:1 Computing requires each student to bring their own computer that meets a certain range of minimum specifications. This is different from a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programme where students can bring whatever device they already own to class. Scots College does not subscribe to a BYOD programme. 

Why implement 1:1 Computing?

At Scots College, we work hard to provide our students with an education that allows them to “contribute as global citizens who think creatively, reason critically, communicate effectively and develop the necessary skills to learn for life” (Scots College Mission Statement). We believe that in order to do so, we need to ensure that we cater for the needs of a Modern Learner, particularly as students have grown up with the Internet and are surrounded by digital devices.

The College adopted a “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device) policy in 2011, and although this had been taken up by many students, we believed that in order to develop programmes and pedagogy that allow our students to learn the necessary skills to fulfil our vision, we needed to implement a programme where all students have a device that can be used in the classroom. We therefore adopted a mandatory, 1:1 Computing programme at the end of 2014.

Our students exist in a largely “digital world” outside of school, but school is often a non-digital world. This programme has proven to increase engagement in learning as they use the tools they are most familiar with to facilitate their learning.

The College researched the benefits of e-Learning extensively before it made the final decision. Please see the links at the end of this page for discussion and research behind 1:1 and BYOD programmes.

Is it mandatory?

The 1:1 Device programme is mandatory for all students in Years 5 and onwards. Students in Year 5 will need a device in Term 1.

Minimum Device Requirements

Where ever you are looking to purchase a device for you child’s learning from, there are some minimum requirements that the device should adhere to:

Minimum recommended:

  • Windows 10 or newer Operating System (not Windows S Mode)
  • Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 Processor
  • Wifi with support for 5Ghz and 2 x 2 or better if possible
  • 8GB RAM minimum
  • Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox installed
  • Office 365 Apps (licence provided by Scots)
  • Camera and Microphone enabled
  • Touch screen strongly recommended to allow for onscreen writing, but not compulsory
  • Battery life of at least 6 hours

    NOT suitable:

    • Chromebooks
    • Tablet devices such as iPad and android tablets (however, a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or 4 is fine)
    • Mobile phone
    • iPod Touch
    • Other touch screen devices with screens 10 inches or smaller

    What is Office 365?

    The College provides all students with access to their own cloud-based Office 365 account. This allows them to store, create, share and collaborate on documents online and on nearly any device with an internet browser. For more information about Office 365, including its features and safety please see: http://office.microsoft.com/en-nz/academic/  Students will be provided with a logon username (email) once they are enrolled with the school, and they will then be able to download Office 365 from the school portal. 

    IMPORTANT – for all students, please note:

    1. If your child already has a laptop that they have been using for school, they are still welcome to use this as long as it meets the minimum specifications.  
    2. A mobile phone, ipod touch or small tablet is not considered an appropriate primary device. 
    3. If your child has many different applications installed on this device (such as Steam, games etc.) and uses these during school hours, the device will not be able to hold its charge long enough for it to be useful in class.

    Buying a device for your child

    We have a partnership with Cyclone Computers to buy your laptop through, should you wish to do that. They are a local supplier with branches all over the country and deal extensively with education providers and schools. Buying through Cyclone allows parents to take advantage of their personalised educational bundles. Cyclones purchasing portal is available exclusively online. They offer special education pricing as well as quality warranty and insurance options.  Please see the ‘Cyclone Computers’ tab on the left side of this page for more information or click on the link below.

    Purchase a device from Cyclone Computers


    Security of the computer/tablet is your child’s own responsibility. Students must make sure that they take their computer/tablet home each night and that they have a suitable carry case to help protect it from knocks. We provide secure areas to store and charge computers during the school day.  Insurance claims for damage and other such matters is the responsibility of the owner of the device.


    Students must make sure that their computer/tablet is fully charged before they come to school each day. We provide secure areas to store and charge computers during the school day but students need to be aware that they will be without a device for as long as that device is charging. Students also need to be educated about the price of using the device to play games and/or music during free times such as morning break and lunch. The device is mainly a device for learning and if they allow the battery to run down while using it for activities outside of learning, this might severely impact their ability to work and learn during lessons. A small number of short term loan devices are available through the Information Centre. These can be booked out for short periods of time or on a day by day basis. These devices cannot be taken home and have to be returned to the Information Centre at the end of the school day.  Longer term loan devices owned by the College are available for use on written application to the appropriate school principal with reasons and justification of need. A nominal, non-refundable bond is incurred to cover maintenance for these devices.

    Acceptable Use Agreement for Scots College

    The conduct of students using their own devices while connected to the College’s network and wireless internet access is governed by a digital acceptable use agreement. Parents and students should familiarise themselves with the content of these documents before signing them. Students will not be given access to the College network without a signed acceptable use agreement per student. These are available through the Spider portal and parents and caregivers are able to log into this portal with details that will be provided to you at the start of your child’s schooling. 

    Below are pdf versions for your information.

    Digital Acceptable Use Agreements for Parents / Caregivers  – Please Click Here

    Digital Acceptable Use Agreements for Students  – Please Click Here

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