World Vision 40Hour Famine – 9-11th of June

This year, every student is encouraged, and expected, to participate in the 2017 World Vision 40Hour Famine. The College is placing a strong emphasis on student involvement within this event, with the money raised going towards supporting the children in Syria who are experiencing the current refugee crisis.

During Wednesday’s assembly, students were introduced to the story of a boy named Yazan, who is just one of 3.7 million children who are currently living in a Refugee camp in Syria. These children are often displaced from their families, and live each day with the bare minimum in order to survive. Without education, there is little to stimulate and entertain the children. There is little hope for the Civil War finishing any time soon.

As students of the College, we all live such privileged lives, and more often than not we take this for granted. We all woke up this morning knowing that we won’t go hungry today; knowing that we have clothes to wear; knowing that we’ll travel to school today without the fear of violence and war; and knowing that we have the opportunity and the privilege, of being educated at one of the most prestigious Colleges in the country. We’ve never encountered anything remotely similar to what children such as Yazan are experiencing, and because of this we tend to be unaware, and perhaps uninterested, in what is actually happening in other parts of this same world that we all live in. Although we are remote from such situations, I see it as our responsibility to help.

Through the funding of this year’s 40Hour Famine, World Vision are able to support these children by establishing ‘Child Friendly Spaces’ within the Refugee Camps. It takes $2,500 dollars for World Vision to provide an entire Child Friendly Space. These classrooms are able to educate, entertain, and serve as a place that people can feel safe in. They are equipped with desks, chairs, art supplies and sports equipment. They also provide a space where World Vision can distribute food, clothing, medical care, and counselling so that they can start to heal from the trauma of war.

As a College, we have set a challenging but achievable goal, with each individual House expected to raise over $1000. With a coherent total, we hope to provide enough money to fund the establishment of at least three of these Child Friendly Spaces. In achieving this, we can be incredibly proud as a College; knowing that we have directly benefitted these vulnerable children, and made a significant positive change in their lives.

In order to get involved, each student needs to Sign Up and Register an online fundraising page, to which he can link and join the ‘Scots College’ group. This is done through the World Vision website. The link can be found here

Please also take two minutes to watch the following video put together by the World Vision, explaining the contemporary Refugee Crisis and the significance our efforts can have on the children of Syria. 

I think this is an incredibly exciting and rewarding opportunity – knowing that an act so insignificant to us as giving something up for 40 hours and raising money for it, can make such a huge impact for these children overseas.

Benji Hartfield
Service Prefect

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