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Traffic around Scots College

Each day, thousands of journeys are undertaken to and from our College. This creates a massive strain on the infrastructure around Scots, as well as on campus itself. It’s great to see so many of our students using public transport, Scots bus or shuttle options or scooters, skateboards and cycles. Only boys in Year 13 are permitted to drive to school which cuts down on traffic considerably. We all need to be mindful of safety and others in our travels to and from school. Parking around Scots is very difficult, and we ask parents to remember our neighbours when they are dropping off or picking up their sons. The campus is also very busy first thing in the morning and at 3:30pm. With so many buses coming to Scots at those times, we ask parents to drop off and pick up their sons away from the Plimmer Gates. Together we can cut down on congestion and continue to ensure the safety of all who come to Scots throughout the day.

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