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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care at Scots involves the management of the welfare and activities of students and is overseen by the Pastoral Care Committee.

This committee represents the interests of specific groups of students including the Secondary (Middle & Senior) School Houses, international students, boarders, and those with particular learning and medical concerns. School counselling is provided by the school Counselor, who together with the staff seeks the emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing of all at Scots. This work is ably supported by the school nurses who run the medical health centre during school hours.

The eight houses of the Secondary School provide the primary means of pastoral care and support to students, together with the various inter-house sport and cultural activities. House Deans lead houses and Assistant Deans act as tutors in the house tutor groups, which enable more individual care and conversation about the needs of the boys.

Where more specialist care is required for students or families, referrals are made to specialist organisations which support the emotional and psychological well-being of individuals and family groups.

Contact the College Guidance Counselor:
Jackie Calder
phone +64 4 388 0850 ext 862

Jackie has over 14 years experience as a counselor working with Children and young people within a family support organisation and schools. She feels passionate about her work and through it wanting to make a difference. She feels honoured and privileged to be in this role and am constantly in awe of the many learnings I have gained from working with children and young people they have a lot to teach us.

Jackie has recently shifted to Wellington from Auckland, along the way embracing all the challenges that come with lots of change!! Always our biggest growth! She has three older sons and a daughter who has made the move with her as well as three beautiful grandchildren.

She is enjoying the “Life” of this city, spending time with family and friends practicing yoga for “mindfulness” and the physical challenges it presents.

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