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Why is the Senior School changing to become co-educational?
Details on the change to a co-educational Senior School
Pastoral Care

Why has the Senior School chaned to become co-educational?

Why make this change when Scots has been such a strong advocate of a boys’ only education?
Our vision is to create well-rounded, global citizens equipped for a 21st century life and we’ve never been afraid of change to give students the skills they need to succeed in life. The Prep and Middle Schools remain boys only as we believe that a single sex environment for those ages is best for learning.

How will this make it better for students?
This is about future focussed learning, it will provide more subject choices and better prepare our young people for university and the workplace. We believe it will help all students develop social skills, confidence and collaboration.

How will this impact facilities at Scots?
The larger roll will help develop new facilities and courses with a new block opening this year and construction underway on campus developments and resources. 

Is there a demand for a co-educational Senior School from international parents?
Yes – we know international parents generally prefer co-ed environments. They come for the International Baccalaureate and educational excellence – the boarding option in particular is something parents of international students look for. There’s also the advantage of living in Wellington which is a safe city with great outdoor and co-curricular activities.

Will this be popular with local parents?
Yes – many of our current students have sisters and we know many of our past students would like their daughters to have the same Scots experience they and their sons have had. It will also provide a co-educational Senior School offering for parents in the Eastern Suburbs.

Has the College considered other models rather than going co-ed in the Senior School, for example shared classes / resources with other independent girls schools?
We already work closely with the girls’ schools and senior students are offered shared classes with Samuel Marsden here and in Karori. The QUOTS events have also been an ongoing exchange with Queen Margaret College girls and are much enjoyed by students.

In 2017 we launched the Wellington Private Education Network with Chilton St James and Samuel Marsden which has been successful and continues to grow. We will continue the collaboration with the girls’ schools and look for opportunities to share resources. It is our view that making the Scots Senior School co-educational is the best option to equip all students for their future where they can learn from one another. It also provides a senior co-educational option for girls in the Eastern Suburbs.

Details on the co-educational Senior School

Are the classes mixed, or separate?
Mixed. We already have some mixed classes with other independent girls’ schools and this offers us the chance to expand this collaboration. The girls are integrated into all aspects of the school and the house system we run is also be mixed.

Why are the numbers so small? Why not completely integrate the Senior School?
We’ve chosen to grow in a managed way so we can maintain educational standards and the focus on individual students – doubling the size of the Senior School in one or two years just wouldn’t work.

Why should parents consider taking their daughter out of other schools?
Parents and students will have a choice as to the best type of education that suits their needs. In our view this move will increase the independent sector and attract more students to Wellington. We know some girls look for a co-ed option as they get older and there are limited choices in Wellington. We hope this will attract boys for the same reason. Scots is also proud of its holistic educational offering, academic excellence, state of the art facilities, strong STEM offerings, and opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom such as elite sports programmes, music rooms, drama studios and technology suites.

How many places will be offered to 2021 and beyond?
An additional 60 places will be offered in both 2021 and 2022 bringing the total number of girls to 120 in 2021 and 150 in 2022. The College will review the enrolment process at that time.

What provisions will be made for girls starting at Scots College?
The Headmaster currently oversees all recruitment and Amanda Gibbs, Senior School Deputy Principal commenced with the College in 2019. Amanda oversees the girls’ pastoral care. There is a designated girls’ common room and separate boarding facilities. The first intake of girls will have the opportunity to develop their roles in the College including leadership positions.


Can girls board at Scots College?
Yes, Scots College has a proud history of boarding and from 2020 girls are also able to board. More details on boarding is available in the boarding section of our website: http://www.scotscollege.school.nz/boarding/

Pastoral Care

How are the needs of girls be met when they are such a small minority?
Girls are fully integrated into every aspect of the school. As well as the designated Deputy Principal, Amanda Gibbs who has oversight of the pastoral care of the girls. The College has new specialist facilities to accommodate the girls. In addition the College has undertaken and is continuing to develop a programme of cultural change to facilitate a full co-ed experience in the Senior School. The girls are also be part of the student leadership at the College. In 2021 there will be a Head Girl and girls will be part of our prefect team.


Does the school provide support / activities for my daughter to participate in?
The girls are part of all House activities and College sports. Girls have access to the same professional level sporting facilities and coaching as the boys. Larger team sporting choice may be limited initially, but it will grow with the roll.

The College has world-class arts and technology resources including a recording studio, equipped technology suites and noise controlled film editing and music rooms. Cultural offerings are a key part of a Scots education and girls are able to participate fully in all options such as choir, bands, Poly Club and drama. Our strength in STEM subjects is also a major attraction to girls wishing to pursue future study in this area.

What co-curricular options will be available for girls from 2020?
Details on co-curricular options for girls is available in a March 2019 update: www.scotscollege.school.nz/senior-school/co-educational-senior-school/coed-updates/#sports

Are girls able to participate in international trips and exchanges from 2020?
Yes, a full list with details on what tours and exchanges are coming up are available in a March 2019 update: www.scotscollege.school.nz/senior-school/co-educational-senior-school/coed-updates/#tours


What is the process for applying?
Applications for girls in Years 11, 12 and 13 from 2020 are open. Information on the applications process is available on the College website here. Or through Maria Calcott, Headmaster’s PA at hmpa@scotscollege.school.nz

Just the same as the current enrolment process, after an application is received, girls and their families will be contacted to arrange an interview with the Headmaster. Those offered a place will be asked to secure it by paying a non-refundable payment to secure the place.

As well as the date of the application and the allocation among boarding and international places, we will prioritise students with siblings at the school, past family connections and those who live in the Eastern Suburbs, while ensuring the best fit for students and the College.

International Students can apply through the Director of International Services, Guy Pascoe or on the College website through the International application form. Contact Guy Pascoe at pascoeg@scotscollege.school.nz

How do I apply? Where do I get more information?
You can find more information about the Co-education Senior School on the College website here. Should you have any further questions before applying please get in touch with the Headmaster via Maria Calcott, Headmaster’s PA hmpa@scotscollege.school.nz

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