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Christian Zachariassen

Christian Zachariassen

Scots College has a proud history stretching back nearly 100 years of educating young men. Our core purpose is the development of the all-round man. Students at the College are provided with opportunities in many areas to develop their potential in the areas of academia, sport, culture, service and spirituality.

We are proud of the young man we develop during their time at the College. The IB Learner profile outlines some of the learner characteristics and this coupled with the College’s leadership program and spiritual heritage indicates our purpose in the development of citizenship. In short the young men of Scots are expected to give of their best in all they do, have sound values and put something back into their communities

The College focuses on the development of the individual and has structures where students are known and supported in achieving their goals. Success is celebrated and encouraged. Expectations are high and students excel in a wide variety of areas.

As an independent Presbyterian Years 1 – 13 boys’ day and boarding school which offers both NCEA and International Baccalaureate, Scots is unique. Independent education values the individual and values choice. The International Baccalaureate qualification shows our commitment to the creation of global citizens.

Students at Scots are supported by many excellent facilities and a dedicated staff. Based in the nation’s capital we have access to many amenities and opportunities that are not available elsewhere which enrich student experiences. We are a diverse College which welcomes students from around the globe, such international students also enrich our learning environment.

It is well proven that young men benefit from a single sex education. Our academic results bear this out with our students achieving well both at secondary level and beyond. Indeed the true measure of educational success may not be seen until much later in our life long learners.

At Scots young men can achieve their potential, we look forward to working with you and your son to achieve this.

Christian Zachariassen
Senior School Principal


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