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ScratchNot surprisingly, a new initiative in the Prep School which sees Yr 6 students designing their own games and learning basic computer code, is proving a huge hit with pupils.

The 8 week Technology course run by Jess Weichler, a media arts educator at Wellington Makerspace,  introduces students to video game programming and design using Scratch, a visual programming language created at MIT.

Students are learning to design and create original mini-games as they reason systematically and work collaboratively with one another. As the workshop content develops, they will explore game mechanics, design elements, and the importance of Open Source game development.

scratch2As the photos illustrate, student engagement is high and the College hopes to introduce more technology opportunities to our Prep School students in the future that will tie in with curriculum courses offered in the Middle School.

Here are some comments from our Year 6 boys who are taking part in the workshops:

‘Year 6 have embarked on a coding adventure on SCRATCH. SCRATCH is a programm where you can code your own characters, bring them to life and code your way to your own video games. There are no rules and we can have the freedom to be as creative as possible. In the first lesson, we learned how to make a code to allow our characters to move around. It is really fun. –Oli Clare, 6LA.

‘It was exciting, I didn’t want the lesson to stop!’ – Seb Carroll, 6LA

‘I want to do it every tech lesson’ –Elliot Bolter, 6LA

“A good learning experience because you hadn’t done it before’ – Matthew McBeth, 6SL

“I think Scratch is cool but not as good as normal coding e.g. python, C++, HTML5” – Liam Joyce, 6SL

“ A really cool idea and moving towards animation.” Sam Archibald, 6SL

“ Much easier than unity. I thought Unity very confusing and Scratch good for beginners.” Oliver Perkins, 6SL

Scratch is a free software application and can be downloaded here: https://scratch.mit.edu/scratch2download/

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