Buy a Brick & help ‘Pave the Way’

By purchasing a named engraved brick in the College’s Scholarship Walkway (pictured below), you can both support future scholarship students, and also create a very special permanent legacy on the College grounds for you, your child(ren) and their families to return to now, and for generations to come.

Collegians, Current Students, Families, Current & Past Parents, Staff & Supporters and Corporates are all invited to buy a brick and take permanent pride of place in our Scots Scholarship Walkway.

Engrave your name here!

Engrave your name here!


The Paving the Way campaign was officially launched at a Scots College Foundation event in August 2014. This special fund has been established for the sole purpose of guaranteeing the availability of scholarships to the College in perpetuity. The Fund is managed independently from the College by the Trustees of the Scots College Foundation, with all income generated used exclusively to fund scholarships.

In 2016 we celebrated 100 years of the All-Round Man

To ensure scholarships will be available for the next 100 years, we are undertaking a major fundraising drive to grow our Scholarship Fund, with an initial target of $5 million. We welcome donations from all members of the College community. Every donation will be honoured and invested wisely and will literally change the lives of young women and men today, and for years to come.


We would like to thank the following supporters of our Scholarship Walkway campaign:

List of supporters
Marcus Ackeus
Ulf J Ackeus
Steven Adams
William Albert
Edwin [Ed] Alcock
Mathew Ancheril
Peter Avery
Sandra Bartlam
David WM Bennett
Zack TM Benton
Patricia Blades
Mackay Blaikie
Ross Dempsey Blanchard
Chester Bodman
Troy Bowker & Lisa Bowker
Matthew Thomas Boyle
Ariel DM Bridgman
James Brow
Jeremy Brow
Lachlan Brown
Alexander Bryan
Alex Burger
Laurens Burger
Robert Burnard
Anna Burtt
Kurtis Byrne
Ian Calvert
Campbell Family – Lee & Scott
In Memoriam – Leone Campbell [Feast]Alec Cannons
David Carruthers
Carter Family
Chartres Family
William & Edmund Chrisp
Cross Family
Yvonne Curtis
Joseph Divinagracia
John Downer
Warren Edwards
Hamish Edwards
Kent Eglinton
Scott Eglinton
Todd Eglinton
Dick Evans QSM
George Fairbairn
John Ewen Feast
In Memoriam – John Eric Feast
Joshua Feast
Luke Feast
Roger Feast
Richard Field-Dodgson
Findlay Family
Robert Heathcote Fisher
Ioane & Ezekiel Fiso
Peter Fitzsimmons
Fuji Xerox New Zealand
Connor Garden-Bachop
Jackson Garden-Bachop
Gawith Family
Adwik Ghosh
Peter Gianoutsos
MC Gifford – Headmaster
Joris Goebbels
John Gollan
Matthew Gordon
Gorman Family
Nigel Gould
James Gould
Jack Gould
Ian F Grant
Jim Gray
David Gribble
Ian Hamilton

William Hewett
Hillind Family
Ann F Hodson
Michael Holland
Patrick Holland
Graeme Horsley
Hamish Horsley
Tony Horvath
Gray Hughson
Hutchens Family
Andrew Hyder
Sam & Ben Hyde-Smith
Kurt James
Jake Jamieson
Brody Janis
Alexander Georg Jefferies
Logan Jeffries
Emmerson Kavakura
Jeremy Kippenberger
Mark Kirk-Burnnand
Laban Family
KA Laws – Headmaster
Philip Lee
Oliver Lee
Douglas James Leuchars
Henry Levett
Mark Levett
Kenneth Longmore
Richard Loomans
Neil Manthel
Andrew Richmond (Tangi) Martin
Ian Martin
Neil Martin
Shirley Martin CBE
Mawson Family
Esther Mazey QSM
MacDonald Family
Connor McConchie
B & M McDonald
Peter McKenzie
Ian & Jenny McKinnon
McLaren Family
Oliver Mears
Nicholas Meehan
Daly Meiklejohn
Drew Meiklejohn
Henry Mexted
Jack Mexted
Jack Milford
James Milford
Roger Holmes Miller
Aaron Mody
Bevan Mody
Graeme Richard Morgan
Hugh Morrison
Elliott Morrison
Geoff Murphy
Newman-Dennis Family
Mike Norton
Bryan Notley
William & Oliver Novak
Rob, Paul, Marco Ogden
Hans-Peder Oliff
Oughton Family
Heather Oughton
Sam Oughton
Pang Family
Gary Parsons
William Parsonson
Jacques, Conrad, Orlando Pender
Dale Percy
Cedric Percy
Foster Percy

Alessandro Petagna
Francesco Petagna
Leonardo Petagna
Michele Petagna
David Peter
Graeme Peter
Peterson Family
Lady Plimmer and Family
Warren Plimmer
Andrew Poole
Chris Poppe
Dalton Poppe
Chris Pound
Newman Press
Murray Press
Warren Press
Fraser Press
S & M Pritchard
John Pritchard
AS (Tup) Radford
Rajapakse Family
Bruce Rankine
Ian Rankine
Louis Read
Chris Reid
Sissy & Sassy Sisson
Paul Ridley-Smith
Kenneth Royson
Dick Schuitema
Robert Schuitema
William Nisbet [Nibby] Scotland
RW [Scotty] Scott
Scots College Board of Governors
Scots College Old Boys’ Association
Callum Shayle-George
Shewan Family
Adrian Slack
Alexander Pringle Smith
Albert Snep
Graham Spencer
Marcia Spencer
Oliver Stapleton Stevens
Matthew Stewart
Ann Symonds
Ian Symonds
Andrew Tait
Michael Tan
Tsui Family
TJ Va’a
Simon van der Byl
Michael Vash
Volpicelli-Muollo Family
Kay Wadham
Mark Wadham
Morva Wadham
David Walker
Robert Walker
Ian Huntly Walker
John Bernard Webb
Nick Wellwood
Francis Wevers
Hendrik Whitaker
Bryan Whitehead
Glen Wiggs
Williams Family
Carter Williment
Andrew Cameron Wood
Denis Frank Wood
Malcolm Woods
Justin Wu
Warren Young
Yule Family

Make a donation and order your brick

All gifts to the Foundation Scholarship Fund of $1200.00 and above, will be acknowledged with a personalised named brick paver placed in the Scholarship Walkway, a symbolic paved edge to the College’s iconic driveway off Monorgan Road (pictured below).

Scots College Paving the Way

Order Now

If you would like to purchase a brick(s) please register and view payment options (link below).

Please note: All donations of $5 and above receive a 33% tax credit.

OR, Contact: Ann Walker, Development Officer

Phone: 04 803 0590

  • Contact details

  • payment details will be sent to this address
  • Engraving on brick (please see examples below)

  • 2-3 lines (of text) only, 15 characters (including spaces) per line


    Nb. These bricks will be laid on the upper slope lining the driveway (ref picture above)


    Nb. These bricks will be laid on the right-hand edge of the carpark leading to Chapel Hall (ref picture above)






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