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Inter-House competition is fierce & fun!

Richard Field-Dodgson

The inter-House programme was developed in its present form at Scots with a two-fold purpose in mind.

First and foremost it is a competition that allows a student to represent his House in a wide range of activities in an attempt to win the Caradus Shield, the symbol of inter-House supremacy. 

Secondly it allows a student to participate in activities in which he may not normally take part, and to encourage a student to ‘have a go’.

The number of activities has grown over the years, competition being spread over the four terms.  Activities are either for the full House, for the Senior (Yrs 11 – 13) or Junior (Yrs 9 & 10). 

The Years 7 & 8 of the Middle School participate in the full House activities and in their own separate competition.

Points are awarded for each activity, the ‘big four’ of  athletics, cross country, music and swimming counting as double points to recognise the mass participation of those activities. 

Points are then aggregated for 9a) the Caradus Shield (for overall supremacy) and (b) the Junior Shield (for Years 7 – 10).

Richard Field-Dodgson
House Activities Co-ordinator 

2012 Programme of Inter-House Events & Activities

Term 1

Athletics Whole House,  by year groups, 7 – 13
Debating Senior (Rounds 1 – 4)
Haka Whole House
Slowpitch Senior and Junior (Rounds 1 & 2)
Tennis   Senior
Tug of War Senior (Yrs 11 – 13) & Junior (Yrs 7 – 10)

Term 2

Chess Senior
Cross Country    Whole House by year groups
Debating Senior   (Rounds 5 – 7)
Hockey Senior & Junior
Music Whole House
Quiz Senior
Swimming Whole House by year  groups
Touch Senior & Junior

Term 3

Badminton Senior & Junior
Basketball Senior
Battle of the Bands Open
Chess Junior
Debating Junior   (Rounds 1 – 4)
Football Senior & Junior
Road relays By year groups, 7 – 13.
Softpitch Junior (Rounds 3 & 4)

Term 4

Basketball Junior
Debating Junior  (Rounds 5 – 7)
Quiz Junior
Tennis Junior
Volleyball Senior & Junior