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NCEA and Scholarship Exams

NCEA and Scholarship Exams

There will be an assembly on Wednesday 31st October – At this assembly there will be a presentation about NCEA exams and all NCEA students will receive their 2018 Exam Admission slips. If you miss this opportunity to receive your Exam Admission slip, you will need to get this prior to your exams starting from Mr Dyer.

Admission Slips: You must bring your admission slip and school ID card to each exam. You will not be permitted to enter the exam without them. Admission slips have been given to all Year 11-13 students. Students must keep this in a safe place. Should a student lose their admission slip, or forgot to bring it to an exam, they can print one from the NZQA website. This will then need to be signed by Mr Daniel Dyer, prior to entering the exam.

NSN Number: You will need your NSN number to print an admission slip, check entries and view your results. All students were issued cards with their NSN numbers on them, if you have need to know your NSN number this can be found in PC Schools Spider under Student Information.

Getting to Your Exams: Morning exams start at 9.30am – be there at 9.00am – afternoon exams start at 2.00pm – be there at 1.30pm. Students will not be allowed to enter an exam 30 minutes after it has started.  Should you find yourself in a situation where you feel you may not be able to get to Scots on time, you can call NZQA on 0800 697 296 to locate the nearest exam centre to you and sit your exam there.

Special Assessment Conditions: If you have been granted special assessment conditions, such as a reader/writer, assemble outside the Hall and you will be taken to the room where you will sit the exam. 

Derived Grades: If a student is unable to attend an exam session or has had their study preparation disrupted in the weeks leading up to the exam, they can apply for a derived grade. Full details of the derived grade process can be found here.

Exam Rules:

What to bring to the exam room:
– Your admission slip and School ID
– A clear plastic bag containing: Blue and/or black pens
– Calculator and spare batteries if required –  calculator memories will be erased before the start of the exam. Check with your Maths teacher, that you have the correct type of calculator
– Any emergency needs e.g. sweets if you diabetic
– Water – in a clear plastic bottle, 800mls maximum

What not bring to the exam room:
cellphones – these cannot be used as calculators
– refill or paper – this will be provided
– twink
– watches/smart watches
– iPods
– headphones
– electronic translators
– Notes
– Food or lollies – unless you are a diabetic

Where to go on the day of the exam

  • Go to the Hall when you get to school or check the Aitken noticeboard
  • Check the A3 sheets on Hall windows or Aitken noticeboard for seating plans

Should you have any concerns regarding exams please contact: Mr Daniel Dyer – Principal’s Nominee – Senior School:
04-3880850 – 021984346 – dyerd@scotscollege.school.nz

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