About the Music Department

The Scots College Music Department is part academic department and part performing arts company.

music_1First and absolutely foremost, we serve an important educational role, helping students develop the skills that help them become successful and well-rounded students and members of the community. The skills learned in music classes and ensembles help our students to develop creativity, sensitivity and  responsibility. The study of music also helps our students to become more successful in their other subject areas and is very beneficial when students apply to universities. 

“To be able to tell your interviewers when applying for medical entry that you are a skilled musician does no harm at all. It tells us that you have other interests, you are focused and dedicated (lots and lots of practice) and you have a creative side. It doesn’t guarantee you a place but is the sort of thing we look for in-well rounded medical students.”
Professor John Fraser
Dean, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences
The University of Auckland

“A number of our best law students have studied music to a senior level. I have no doubt that the discipline required to study music and the brain development which the study of music enhances are a major asset for studying law and other disciplines.”
Professor Mark Henaghan
Dean of Law
University of Otago

Academic program

Middle School:  Boys can choose Music as an option from years 7—10. They are also comprehensively tested to discover hidden musical talents  and recommended for their best instrument. In year 10, boys who have shown particular aptitude in music, can take the subject as a full year option course.

Senior School: has two pathways open to the boys to study music.

NCEA:  Boys study performance, composition, musicianship and score reading. In 2011, Level 1 music had a 100% pass rate.

IB: Boys study performance, composition, arranging, analysis, score reading.

All music students have the opportunity to  record their own compositions and performances in our recording studio.

Music Scholarships

music_2Music Scholarships are based on a competitive audition and review of student records to ensure success in both the demanding performance work and the challenging academic programs. Students who are in year 6 or 8 are eligible to audition. Auditions for Music Scholarships are held in June. 

There is also special consideration to exceptional music students in year 12, who wish to complete their studies at Scots College.

Holiday Music Programs

We offer holiday music programs to both our students and to students from other schools. Our January Bootcamp is for Scots boys only and has been highly successful. 

Visiting Professionals

Music students are treated to visits and workshops by professionals from NZ School of Music, NZ Symphony Orchestra, Award winning film composer and sound editor Stephen Gallagher, and the Royal NZ Air Force Band to name a few!

International Success







Gareth Barker—Australia’s Got Talent

Contact Information

For inquiries, please contact:
Mr Ivan Patterson
Director of Music

Our Location

Scots College
1 Monorgan Road
Strathmore Park
Wellington 6022
New Zealand
Scots College
PO Box 15064
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