Level 2 and return to College

Scots College will reopen from Monday 18 May.
Included in italics below excerpts from the information that we have been supplied by the Ministry of Education.

This page includes information on:


Students returning to the College

  • All students will be able to return to the College from Monday 18th May. Information focussed on the return for the Prep and Middle and Senior Schools is available below.
  • If your child is at all unwell or displaying any symptoms of a running nose, coughing or higher temperature please keep them at home.
  • If your son or daughter is unable to return for any reason please contact your respective Principal by 5pm Wednesday 13 May. Parents of International students should contact Mr Pascoe.
  • To assist us in effective contact tracing while we settle into new routines we ask parents not to enter College grounds unless for a pre-arranged meeting, in which case you must report to the appropriate Reception area to sign in. Please use other safe areas around the College such as Broadway to drop off and collect your child.
  • Some students have already returned to the College under Level 3. They will be able to continue to attend the College for the rest of this week.
  • Other students not currently at the College may wish to return to the College under Level 2 from Thursday. As we are continuing with distance learning and holding two staff professional development days on Thursday and Friday we will only be able to offer limited supervision. Should you wish your son or daughter to return this week you will need to, in the first instance, contact your Principal. We still have stringent requirements regarding contact tracing so any students who simply turn up will be sent home.
  • The Boarding House will reopen under Level 2. Boarders may return to the College on Sunday 17th May. Further information regarding the return to Boarding is available below.

Will it be safe?

Our priority is the health and safety of all who attend the College and we have developed a comprehensive Health and Safety plan that aligns with Ministry of Health guidelines and requirements. It covers all aspects of safety including such items as physical distancing, cleaning, personal hygiene, classroom and co-curricular practices.

In addition to this we need to limit access to the College and will therefore put in place measures to limit parent and community access to our site. This will include the locking of school gates during the school day and the requirement of all those who come onto our site to sign in as part of our contact tracing requirements.

Parents are asked to keep any sick children at home. If a sick child comes to school, send them home.

“Where possible physical distancing is a good precaution. We do, however, know it is near impossible in an early learning environment and challenging in schools. So good hygiene practices and regular cleaning are even more important here.”

“In schools, physical distancing means children, young people and staff maintaining enough distance so that they are not breathing on or touching each other. And maintaining good hygiene practices, and regular cleaning. As is regular cleaning of equipment.”

As you have been doing at Alert Level 3, please continue to focus on:

  • enabling good hygiene practices – regular washing and drying of hands and good cough and sneeze etiquette remain fundamental to preventing spread of illness such as colds, flu and COVID-19
  • ensuring people with COVID-19 symptoms stay away from school
  • maintaining physical distancing where practicable – in schools at Alert Level 2 this means children, young people, and staff maintaining a physical distance so that they are not breathing on or touching each other (there is no minimum distance requirement for schools at Alert Level 2)
  • keeping track of people that enter your school – through your attendance register, timetable and visitor register.

Transition back to College from distance learning

We are aware that the transition back to a classroom environment will require some planning. It will be difficult to finish distance learning one day and start face to face the next, we are therefore planning for a staged return to face to face learning while keeping the principles of distance learning operating.

We are aware that there are some students eg boarders/international students who may take some time to return, or students who are ill or are unable to return. It will be too difficult to run two separate and discrete systems, therefore we propose to keep a ’lite’ version of distance learning going for the rest of Term 2 for these students.

“Distance learning is available for those unable to attend school, for example who are self-isolating.”

Thus we will continue to offer a ’lite’ version of our DLP. This will not be as comprehensive as our current programme

  • A weekly plan (by 8:30am Monday morning) updated on OneNote for all classes outlining the weekly work to be undertaken.
  • The posting of all work and resources on TEAMS/OneNote.
  • For MS/SS classes there will be one Identified period of normal teaching time per week where there will be an opportunity for distance learning students to interact with their teacher (this time will be selected by the teacher) *it should be noted by those not attending the College that this is a ‘lite’ version of our full DLP
  • The Prep School will run a modified version of distance learning. Offline learning packs will be sent home to students who are unable to return to Scots College under Level 2. Teachers will call distance learning students once a week to support or answer any questions. Learning that is completed can be photographed and posted to OneNote or Seesaw for the teacher to provide feedback.

It is envisaged that all going well we will start Term 3 as normal


Staff return to the College

As we will reopen on Monday 18 May we will bring all College Staff back to the College for a full day of Professional Development on Thursday 14 May where we will brief staff on HS and other operational protocols. We will also give departments and other staff areas an opportunity to meet on this day.

Friday 15 May – the College will be open for Teaching Staff to come in and ready themselves and their rooms for Monday.

What this means for students on Thursday and Friday

  • For Prep and Middle School students already attending the College, a plan will be put in place to continue to oversee these students. The Prep and Middle School Principals will contact families regarding how this will work.
  • Distance Learning – Teaching Staff have been asked to design their programmes for this week so that:
    • No synchronous learning takes place on Thursday or Friday but that students are provided with enough work to complete on these days with clear instructions of how to do so, and
    • A clear outline of all the work students should have completed during distance learning is provided as a sign post for students and parents before their return to the College. It is critical, upon return to the College, that we are able to review and check on the progress of each student.

Sport and Cultural registrations

Sport NZ has issued guidelines that indicate that activities such as training can resume under Level 2. Our co-curricular staff will contact families to commence our registration process and disseminate information about how and when we will start these up.



For the rest of the term we will not operate the Tuck Shop and there will be no provision of Chartres Hall lunches for day students. We therefore remind all students to bring their own food and drinks. We hope to open these services again in Term 3. Boarders will be catered for as usual in Chartres Hall. Students should bring their own drink bottle, drinking fountains will not be available except to refill drink bottles.


Term 2 dates

As outlined in my email earlier this term:

  • Term 2 is now a 12 week term and we break up on Friday 3rd July
  • Queen’s Birthday weekend is at the end of week 7. We will have a four day break for teaching staff from with the College closed Monday 1 and Tuesday 2 June. Normal classes will resume on Wednesday 3 June.
  • Term 3 will commence on Tuesday 21 July after the College PD day on Monday 20 July


We have been advised that normal bus services and shuttles will be operating. All students wishing to use these services must register at on the College website to ensure that we are able to contact trace.

Below I have included some Public Health advice for your information.

Are you putting on extra buses?
Ministry bus services will run to normal time tables. School buses are a controlled environment where immediate contact tracing can take place if required, therefore it is not possible to source buses and drivers to maintain distancing on school buses.

What steps are you taking to keep kids safe?
The Ministry is supplying hand sanitiser for students and drivers to use on every journey, and increased cleaning and sanitisation practices will be made after each trip.


The boarding house will open for boarding students on the Sunday 17 May.  

We have of course stayed operational during Levels 3 and 4 with a small number of students and now as we move to Level 2 can welcome back all students. We have been busy over the recent weeks ensuring that the boarding house is ready for a restart. The information below is in addition to the general information provided in the recent email from the College and I would urge you to read this as well.

The boarding house has been totally cleaned and is looking very good. Our numbers have dropped to 115, with several students away overseas we will be around 100 – 105. Boarders will not be allowed into the city under Level 2 and other restrictions will be discussed with Headmaster and boarding staff.

I would encourage parents to speak to their son/s and daughter/s about the following Level 2 rules:

  1. Students may not have any food delivered. This measure is to protect the safety of all students and staff living on-site.
  2. BoardingWare must be used for ALL leave requests. This applies also to local leave. No student will leave the school grounds unless a staff member approves leave through BoardingWare, OR gives them permission to leave in person.
  3. Any breach of Level 2 boarding rules may jeopardise their position in boarding

Included in italics below is important information received from the Ministry of Education about reopening at Level 2.

Schools, early learning services and hostels are safe environments for children, young people and staff. Additional public health control measures are in place to prevent the spread of disease and to support contact tracing.

It is safe for all students and staff to return to school/hostel in Alert level 2. Schools and hostels are safe because hygiene habits will be strong and schools/hostels will put into place safe and sensible practice.

The key controls for schools and all workplaces are:

  • ensure people with COVID-19 symptoms or who are sick, stay away from school
  • maintain physical distancing (in schools this means children, young people, and staff maintaining a physical distance so that they are not breathing on or touching each other)
  • enable good hygiene practices
  • keep track of people that enter your school

When can students come back?

As a part of returning to Gibb house and Scots College all boarders will need to complete this arrival card. This card needs to be completed and returned to me by Friday 15 May.

Any late changes, please notify Director of Boarding either by email or text. directorofboarding@scotscollege.school.nz or 027 770 4344

Students should only return to the Boarding House if they are well.

If you are sick stay at home – isolate the boarder or staff member and seek medical advice through Healthline or your GP and get tested if they have flu-like symptoms (parents should not be sending their child to the hostel if they are sick)

Can Parents/Visitors enter the boarding house?

Parents can enter the boarding house, however as part of our contact tracing they will need to sign in and sign out.

For others visiting the hostel, set up a process to record names, date, time in and out, where they visited and phone, email address and physical address information. This information is important for the process of contact tracing, should it be required to track down and prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

You should already have contact details for all your boarders, parents, caregivers and staff so shouldn’t need to record this (perhaps remind families, whānau and staff to update you if their address, email address or phone number has changed, or changes). 

Health authorities recommend that you keep your contact register for at least two months.

Will boarding be safe?

As with the College, we have implemented the Ministry guidelines and practices with respect to HS and cleaning

Physical Distancing – Physical distancing is a good precaution to prevent the spread of disease. In an Alert Level 2 hostel environment, this means children, young people, and staff maintaining a physical distance so that they are not breathing on or touching each other, coupled with good hygiene practices (coughing into your elbow, handwashing and drying) and regular cleaning of commonly touched surfaces. There are situations where physical distancing is not possible, such as some sporting activities. In these situations, extra emphasis on handwashing and drying (or cleansing with hand sanitiser) before and after activities and regular cleaning of equipment is very important.

Food practices

Chartres Hall will not be used for day student lunches for the rest of Term 2. We will also review how we handle and serve food to minimize any potential risk

Please find linked here a copy of the Ministry of Education guidelines for your perusal.

Changes to Boarding Dates

  • Queen’s Birthday Dates – boarding closes on either Friday 29th or Saturday 30th (depending on sport) and reopens on Tuesday 2nd June
  • July Holidays (two weeks) Friday 3 July – Monday 20 July
Prep School

We all thank you for your role in supporting your son’s learning as we all navigated unchartered territory over the last eight weeks. We recognise that some students have thrived with distance learning whereas other students have found it challenging. I know that all our boys will be ready to get back to school to reconnect with teachers and peers. 

On Monday, we will expect all students to be present. If your son is absent, you will receive a call from Olive to discuss your circumstances.

With the reopening of the school we have tried to consider how our school will run to include provisions from the Ministry of Health. Below we have included Prep specific information. For all other areas please refer to the information at the top of this page. If you have further questions, please contact Mrs Patrick, Mrs Roland or Olive.

Under the FULL reopening of Scots College the Prep School will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Your son to be dressed in appropriate uniform. No 2’s on the first day of school. Bring PE kit in bag. 
  • Please provide your son with a named drink bottle and packed lunch.
  • If your son has a temperature, sore throat, or runny nose they will be required to stay at home and seek medical advice ASAP.
  • All buses/shuttles will be running as usual.
  • Homework centre will go ahead with some modifications. Parents wishing to use this service under Level 2 should register with Olive from the first day of returning. 
  • No Tuck Shop operating.

Pick up and Drop Off: 

If students are dropped off. Please follow the requirements below:

  • McKelvie and Potatau (8:20 – 8:30am) enter the door at the top of stairs onto deck area  
  • Macarthur and Bedding (8:10 – 8:20am) through door at far end of slipway up the ramp (Prep school reception end) 

Boys will be dismissed at 3:15pm.

Middle and Senior school are asked to not use the doors to the Prep School at this time.

Parents must not enter school grounds unless they have received special dispensation from the Headmaster or from one of the School Principals. If permission is given, they must register at the office so the school knows who has signed in and signed out so we can contact trace.

Plimmer gates will be locked during the day from 9am.

Hygiene routines:

  • Where practicable we will ensure that students regularly wash and dry hands, cough and sneeze into their elbow, and will be asked to try to avoid touching their face.
  • Students will sanitise hands when they enter school in the morning. 
  • Students will sanitise their hands every period.
  • When students enter and exit the classroom, they will wash their hands. 
  • Students will spray their desk with disinfectant every period.
  • A leader from every class will oversee spraying the door handles after every break.

This has been an absolute journey and historical moment the last nearly eight weeks. I think we all sigh a breath of relief as we move to our regular routines.

One behalf of the whole Prep Staff we look forward to seeing your son on Monday.

Senior and Middle School

We were delighted to hear Monday’s announcement about a shift from Alert Level 3 to Alert Level 2. The last few months have been incredibly challenging for parents, students and staff. Our school has operated effectively in unusual circumstances and it has played its role in supporting the learning and wellbeing of our students and families. We now look forward to Monday 18th and welcoming our community back through the Plimmer Gates.

There are challenges ahead but we look forward to connecting as a community and facing them together. Our focus for the first week back will be on reconnecting and consolidation. We recognise that staff and students alike will return to school under different circumstances and it is important we take time to allow everyone to reconnect socially and consolidate their learning.

Now the Government has made its announcement about shifting from Level 3 to Level 2 we can confirm the following arrangements.

School will reopen for all students from Year 1 to 13 on Monday 18 May (Week A).

Start of the day, day 1

We will start the day with a Tutor meeting for all students. This will give them an opportunity to reconnect with their tutor and fellow tutees prior to going to class. During this meeting they will also be briefed on what the “new normal” will look like with clear explanations regarding health and safety, social distancing and appropriate behaviour given the new situation we are in.

Classes will resume period 2. During these classes staff will also take the time to reconnect with students and consolidate the off-site learning that has continued through the DLP.

  • All students Y7 – 13 are to proceed directly to their normal tutor rooms at 8.45am

Uniform and grooming

Uniform will be normal number 2s

Students are reminded that our normal expectations regarding uniform and grooming apply. If you are aware your son or daughter will be unable to meet our normal expectations (e.g. hair is too long) then you should provide them with a note that they can present to their tutor at the start of the day. They should continue to carry this note until the normal expectations are met. At all times students should be clean shaven, wearing their hair and uniform neatly.

Transport to and from school

No vehicles will be allowed inside the school gates to drop off or collect students other than school buses. Please be patient and courteous and use safe drop off areas such as Broadway where there is plenty of room.

All Metlink and Transit school buses and shuttles are scheduled as normal. It is likely that capacity on some services will be restricted in-line with the operator’s health and safety guidelines. This should be considered in your planning.

East by West Ferry provided this update to their services on Tuesday.

We will be operating to a restricted timetable until further notice (we think this may continue until after Queen’s Birthday weekend but will depend on capacity requirements). This does mean we will not be calling in to Seatoun until we resume our full timetable.

The Scots students are able to catch the 7.45am from Days Bay to Queens Wharf and then get a bus to school and the 4.30pm from Queens Wharf home.

There will be no fare collection on our services until further notice.

The most up-to-date information regarding Metlink bus services as well as route planning can be found on their website (www.metlink.org.nz)

Personal Equipment and belongings

Students are required to bring their own full water bottle as well as morning tea and lunch. The Tuck Shop will not be open and day students will not be able to access Chartres Hall lunches during Level 2. Students will not be able to use drinking fountains but facilities will be available to refill drink bottles.

During the day students should not share personal equipment with others e.g. cellphones and calculators.

Attendance and absences

Students will not be allowed off-site during the school day including Year 13 students who would normally have access to the Strathmore shops at lunchtime.

Year 13 students will still be able to enjoy the privilege of studying at home if they have a study period either Period 1 or Period 5 on any school day. However, students will need to sign in and out at reception. This is more important than ever.

As per Ministry of Education information, all students are expected to attend from Monday unless there are reasons why this is not possible e.g. self-isolation. If your son or daughter is prevented from attending due to self-isolation we request that you please contact your school Principal.

For all other reasons please follow normal absence procedures. Parents are required to notify the school of any absences using the College App or Absence line. It is essential these records are accurate should contact tracing be required.

Continue to follow Ministry of Health guidelines. Do not to take any health or safety risks, please don’t forget the basics:

  • Do not send your child school if they are unwell, even if it is only a cold
  • Wash and dry hands thoroughly
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow

We thank everyone for their ongoing support during Levels 4 and 3 and we are excited to welcome all our students back to school on Monday.

Yours sincerely,

Matt Allen                                                                 Christian Zachariassen

Principal, Middle School                                          Principal, Senior School

Sports Terms 2 and 3

It has certainly been a tough few weeks for everybody but there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel following the Prime Minister’s announcement in this regard, on Monday.  As we approach the end of lockdown Level 3, the updated guidelines from Sport New Zealand appear to provide for the resumption of sporting activities under certain restrictions. The updated Level 2 guidelines provide the parameters within which these sporting activities can resume but as you can understand there is a significant amount of information that needs to be unpacked in the process of establishing protocols for returning to play. At present, the Sports Department are in the process of establishing key principles and procedures that are practical and that we can control within the College boundaries.

This crisis has highlighted the value of sport and how it is critical to the mental and physical health of our population. There is a risk however that we rush back and undo all the good that has been done and as such, CSW will be engaging with schools over the next few days to establish a plan of action to effectively manage social distancing and contact tracing, which appear to be the biggest challenges. A considered approach is vitally important and as such, we will not rush decisions in this regard.

As per the original 2020 College Sport Wellington Calendar, we have only lost two weeks of Term 2 so far and as such, there is still ample time to complete the winter season, which I’m sure will excite students and coaches alike. CSW will be looking to resume competitive sport as soon as possible whilst allowing sufficient time for schools and students to prepare for the season. Furthermore, planning around National Tournament weeks will be reviewed and consideration given to playing competitive sport up to the final weekend of Term 3, allowing for the completion of the respective competitions.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement, CSW has convened a meeting with the Directors of Sport, scheduled for 20 May, to outline the decisions taken relative to the resumption of competitive fixtures with safety and compliance being the key strategic drivers.

Whilst we await further information, it’s important that we complete our planning and therefore this communication serves to inform you that sports registrations for Term 2 & 3 opened today, Wednesday, 13 May and all students are required to complete the online registration before 8am Monday, 18 May. This will allow us to complete the planning process ahead of the winter sports season commencing.

Before registering, I would encourage you to read the sports’ information available here or consult the website by following this link http://www.scotscollege.school.nz/sports-centre/. To this end, the following information will assist you in making an informed decision around your child’s participation in the winter sports programme.

The winter sports codes include badminton, basketball, cross country, football, hockey, netball, rugby and underwater hockey. The contact details for staff looking after the respective sports codes are listed below:

Sports CodeDirector of SportsTeacher in ChargeContact
BadmintonRussell Holmesholmesr@scotscollege.school.nz
BasketballKenny McfaddenCallum Brookesbrookesc@scotscollege.school.nz
Cross CountryGary Henley-Smithdirectorofboarding@scotscollege.school.nz
FootballStuart JacobsMarc Capstickdirectoroffootball@scotscollege.school.nz
HockeyAnand Ranchodranchoda@scotscollege.school.nz
NetballNgarama Milner-OlsenAmanda Gibbsmilnerolsenn@scotscollege.school.nz
RugbySam Raschholmesr@raschs@scotscollege.school.nz
Underwater HockeyPaul Rutherfordrutherfordp@scotscollege.school.nz

It’s important to note that whilst subscriptions are currently based on participation across Terms 2 & 3 (a full season), this will be reviewed following confirmation from CSW as to the make-up of the season but given their most recent communication, it would appear as though a full season of competitive sport is possible.

Currently subscriptions are as follows:

Sports CodeSubscriptionAdditional Costs
Badminton$40Travel & accomodation for events
Basketball (Senior A)$380Travel & accomodation for events
Basketball (Senior B)$300Travel & accomodation for events
Basketball (Junior A)$350Travel & accomodation for events
Basketball (Junior B)$280Travel & accomodation for events
Basketball (7 & 8 IPL)$130 (per term)Travel & accomodation for events
Basketball (7 & 8 IPL social)$150 (per term)Travel & accomodation for events
Cross Country$40Travel & accomodation for events
Football (academy) – T1$200Travel & accomodation for events
Football (academy) – T2&T3$500 (per term)Travel & accomodation for events
Football (girls)$106Travel & accomodation for events
Football (1st XI & 2nd XI)$165 (per term)Travel & accomodation for events
Football (1st XI & 2nd XI)$100Travel & accomodation for events
Football (3rd XI)$270Travel & accomodation for events
Football (4th XI & 5th XI)$200Travel & accomodation for events
Football (15QA & 15B)$120Travel & accomodation for events
Football (7 & 8)$200Travel & accomodation for events
Hockey (1st XI)$100Travel & accomodation for events
Hockey (2nd XI)$500Travel & accomodation for events
Hockey (6-a-side)$400Travel & accomodation for events
Hockey (7 & 8)$250Travel & accomodation for events
Hockey (Prep School)$150Travel & accomodation for events
Netball$75Travel & accomodation for events
Rubgy (1st XV)$ tbcTravel & accomodation for events
Rugby (2nd XV)$400Travel & accomodation for events
Rugby (U15/U55/U65)$150Travel & accomodation for events
Rugby (7 & 8, Prep teams)$125Travel & accomodation for events
Rugby (7 & 8, Prep teams)$75Travel & accomodation for events
Underwater Hockey$40Travel & accomodation for events

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself (gaffneys@scotscollege.school.nz) or Susanne Henley-Smith (henley-smiths@scotscollege.school.nz), our Sports Administrator.

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