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IB Diploma & NCEA University Qualifications

An international student in the Senior School (Year 11, 12 and 13), is expected to achieve the necessary NCEA credits in all their subjects to progress to the next year level (usually at least 16 credits in each mainstream subject) or gain entrance to a university course of their choice (if in year 13).

There is the option at year 12 for International Students to begin the IB Diploma which lasts until the end of Year 13 if their English is at an advanced level. International students are supported throughout this process by the ESOL Department. After initial testing, an ESOL programme is implemented at an appropriate level that not only focuses on developing their English, but also on using a range of strategies that will assist their learning in their mainstream subjects. Those in the senior part of the College (years 11, 12 and 13) need a certain level of English to be able to cope with their mainstream subjects. They also need to be motivated to achieve their goals in relation to meeting the entry requirements of a tertiary institution offering a course of their choice.

For more information about tertiary pathways please go to Academic Pathways

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