Scots College Boarding

Life as a Boarder in ‘Gibb House’

Life as a boarder

The students live comfortably and securely in a structured environment which is warm and friendly and with good academic support.

The boarding house is supervised by a resident staff who provide a close family network to ensure the physical, emotional and intellectual needs of each individual is met. For guidance students are encouraged to talk to the boarding and College staff. The College Chaplain and House Deans are also available to talk to students and parents.

A qualified nurse is available during school hours, the Matron after hours.

Contact with home is important. Students have access to email and their cellphones. Parents are able to contact their sons before school and dinner and after Prep; messages may also be left with the Director of Boarding.

The Director of Boarding communicates regularly with parents via newsletters, reports and personal contact. Parents are always welcome to visit.

Students who are 7 day boarding have 2 Exeat weekends a term. All boarders have access to College facilities after school and during the weekends.

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