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Future Pathways Forum

Careers Evening
Wednesday 23 August

An opportunity for all senior and Year 10 students to hear from professionals in their industry and tertiary providers. The evening will consist of three sessions of presentations. Students can choose which presentations they would like to attend in each session.

Each presenter will speak for 15 minutes followed by 5-10 minutes for questions. Senior students are required to attend at least two sessions. The list of venues is linked below.
Session 1: 7.00 – 7.25pm
Session 2: 7.30 – 7.55pm
Session 3: 8.00 – 8.25pm

Future pathways forum venues list

Auckland, Massey, Victoria, Canterbury and Otago Universities will also be available in The Hub for further one on one consultations.
Representatives from Deloitte will be available in S10 throughout the night for one on one consultations.

Places are limited and we ask that you please register for your chosen presentations in the form below.

Session 1 Presentations

  • Defence Forces – Peter Rowe
  • Health Science (Radiologist) – Dr Nick Humphries, Pacific radiology – Staff Room
  • Landscape Architecture – Sarah Kennan, Spk Landscapre Architecture 
  • Law – Mark Calderwood, Russel McVeagh
  • Technology Careers in banking – WESTPAC
  • Technology (IT and high tech manufacturing, electricity industry) – John Hancock, Signature Consulting
  • Tourism & Hospitality Management Courses – Megan Soper, Queenstown Resort College
  • University of Canterbury – Georgia Halley
  • University Of Otago – Prajesh Chhanabhai
  • Veterinary Science – Dr Heidi Ward-McGrath, VetCare
  • Visual Effects Art Director (Film & Game Design) – Jeremy Bennett, Valve Software (Seattle)

Session 2 Presentations

  • Building Construction & Trades – Doreen Hooper and Tim Lewis, Building Construction Industry Training Org.
  • Career Planning and Mentoring for students – Danielle Nutley and Linda Henderson, Swivel
  • Design and IT Design entrepreneur, startup, Xero co-founder & App creation – Philip Fierlinger, Self-employed
  • DXC IT Provider – Steve Messop, Responsible to ensure the systems & platforms support for various government departments
  • Economist – James Beard, Treasury
  • Geodynamic Modeller – Charles Williams, GNS Science Te Pu Ao
  • Health Degrees, Victoria University – Carolyn Jowsey, Victoria University Health Faculty
  • University of Auckland – Penelope Ireland
  • University of Canterbury, Engineering (Structural Engineer) – James McLean, BECA
  • Massey University – Barbara Scott & student Rose Oakley
  • University of Victoria, Employability and humanities (future of work) – Stuart Brock, Assoc Dean, Humanities

Session 3 Presentations

  • Architecture & Architecture Education – Simon Novak & Matt Wadsworth, Novak Middleton
  • Building & Business ownership – Paul Kelly, Paul Kelly Homes
  • Engineering as a professional (IPENZ) – Kennie Tsui, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment
  • Film Producer and Director – Richard Fletcher, Libertine Pictures
  • Geoscientist (Oil & Gas exploration) – Alan Clare, OMV
  • IT courses – Computer – Plus
  • Personal Trainer – Sam Noster, Podium Performance
  • Software Engineer and Solutions Architect – John Beasley, IT Solutions
  • Teaching – Matt Allen, Scots College
  • University of Victoria – Richard Barratt
  • WELTEC – Andrea Adams

Future Pathways Forum presentation registrations

Registrations for three sessions at the Future Pathways Forum evening.
  • Session 1

    7.00 - 7.30pm
  • Session 2

    7.30 - 8.00pm
  • Session 3

    8.00 - 8.30pm

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