College Emergency Procedures

Scots College Emergency Procedures:

  • Key staff are nominated to form a crisis management team and are responsible to carry out the different response plans for our school
  • The College has an extensive emergency plan in place for all civil emergency situations.
  • The College has evacuation drills for different emergency scenarios. Practice drills are carried out each term. You can view the College evacuation map here.
  • The College evacuation zone sits above the tsunami safe line for our area and therefore we do not have to locate to higher ground in the event of a tsunami
  • Telecommunications allowing, parents will be notified of their child’s safety via the College App (instead of text message), Facebook, email and the school website
  • The College has sufficient emergency, shelter and first aid supplies to care for students and staff onsite

Parents & Caregivers – what you can do:

  • Ensure the College has all up-to-date mobile, email contact information for you and your nominated emergency contacts. You can check and edit these details when you log on to your PC Schools Spider account.
  • Download the College App to receive urgent notifications.  Please note the College doesn’t send SMS. Notifications come through via the App
  • ‘Like’ Scots College on Facebook 
  •  Have your own family emergency communication plan in place, particularly if your family is located in different parts of the City during the day.
  •  Utilise official sources of information across the Wellington region – Metlink , NZTA, Wellington Emergency Response, Red cross hazard app – all which provide updates on how flooding and earthquakes continue to impact upon the region
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