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Changes to Prep School Metlink School Services

Monday 3 July

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I would like to bring your attention to the change in bus service to Scots College. There will be significant changes to the public bus services at the start of Term 3. For Scots College students, Term 3 begins on Monday 30th July. However, the changes will begin to take effect from Sunday 15th July. There will also be some changes to rail and ferry services across the region. For students who use the Tranzit buses or shuttles, there will be no changes at this stage. However, students who use the public bus service (formerly Go Wellington) you will need to familiarise themselves with some new timings, new routes and new stops. Some of the buses will potentially have students from Rongotai College and St Patricks College. However due to the early nature of the bus times this may not be the case. In the afternoon the bus services will be for PS, MS and SS with the older students looking out for our younger students. We currently already have several PS students riding with older boys and we have had no issues. The teachers on bus duty will continue to supervise the boys who catch the buses in the afternoon and will ensure they are not unattended while waiting for the bus.

We have endeavoured to work with Metlink to minimise the disruption caused to our existing bus services and have expressed our concerns about the changes and potential impact. Unfortunately, we have no control over the final routes and times. We will be monitoring the bus changes in the beginning of Term 3 and will be providing feedback to Metlink about any issues. We hope that the new service will meet the needs of the vast majority of our students and not cause too many issues for our families. However, if you are experiencing difficulties or would like to provide feedback you are encouraged to address concerns to Karen Lu at Metlink. For more information please visit their website www.metlink.org.nz/on-our-way, or contact them on 0800 801 700 or info@metlink.org.nz.

For changes to bus service routes and suggested PS routes please see details linked here clinked here and listed below. Please note that all buses formerly leaving Scots at 3:30pm will now leave at 3:40pm with the MS & SS students.

Current route: 788  – Suggested new bus route: 782 Railway Station
Current route: 787  – Suggested new bus route: 784 Railway Station
Current route: 786  – Suggested new bus route: 783 Railway Station
Current route: 731  – Suggested new bus route: 791 Karori

Boys who presently get on the bus at either Elizabeth Street, Pirie Street or Kent Terrace will not arrive at Scots on time in the morning with the new timetable. However, an alternative would be to catch the 791 Karori bus at Kent Terrace/Basin reserve (Stop 6013) at 8:03am which will arrive at Scots at 8:22am.

Please take time in the coming weeks to familiarise yourselves with the changes and to adapt travel plans accordingly.  

For questions relating to the bus services, please contact Olive Mulcahy mulcahyo@scotscollege.school.nz


Mike Hansen
Principal Prep School




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