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Team 1 Update

A lot has happened since the crowded streets of Lima. We’ve taken on the Peruvian desert through sand boarding and a 12 hour bus ride to Nazca. We saw the iconic Nazca Lines and took plenty of photos for home. We’ve been eating chicken and quinoa soup and have travelled to the southern city of Arequipa where we had a share of llamas, alpacas, markets and spices. After taking in the sights of the Spanish like city, we were on the road again to the lakeside city of Puno. We only spent a short while here and in the morning, the boys took a convoy of tuk tuk bikes to catch a boat to our project. 

We disembarked on Ticonnata Island to a warm welcome from the locals and the next day cracked into our work, after a gruelling two days of mud, mud bricks and wharf jumps, the group surprisingly finished constructing a two room house. On the last day we challenged the local community to a game of football. Little did we know this would last 3 hours and by the end the Peruvians won simply because we were exhausted.

This is currently being written on a minivan taking us back to Puno where the next day, we travel to the city of Cusco and begin our trek to Machu Picchu.’ 

Team 2 Update – Ticonata Island 

Team 2  team has completed their Community Project in Ticonata Island and all is well.

Community Project in Ticonata Island

The team are back in Puno, and will now head north up the coast towards Lima.


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