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2017 Almanac

Term 2 Calendar of Events 2017

Term 2 2017

Calendar of Events (167KB)

Term 3 2016

Lunch in Chartres Hall Form (219KB)
Tuck Shop Menu (42KB)
Tuck Shop Monday Specials Menu (51.6KB)
Chartres Hall Menu (360KB)

Term 2 2016

Chartres Hall Lunch Form (220KB)
Chartres Hall Menu (360KB)

Term 1 2016

Calendar of Events
Tuck Shop menu (42KB)
Tuck Shop Monday Specials Menu (141KB)
Chartres Hall menu (344KB)
Chartres Hall Lunch Form (190KB)

Sports Newsletters and Calendars

Football Club, Vol 1 Issue. 3 June 2016 (226KB)
Basketball Calendar, June 2016 (522KB)
Rugby Club Newsletter, May 2016 (262KB)


Newsletters can be found under each School’s Notices page:

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