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Sports Facilities


Outdoor Courts


The Foundation Courts have an astro-turf all weather surface. The upgrade was made possible by funds raised at the 2008 Gala. The newly-refurbished courts were officially opened on 11 November 2009 by Judith Gray, Convenor of the 2008 College Gala.

The courts now known as the Foundation Courts were opened in the same time as Scots opened in 1918. There is no record of any work being done on these courts until the 90s during Ian McKinnon’s Headmastership. At this time an anonymous benefactor paid for the resurfacing and new nets.

The Foundation Courts have been used for tennis, basketball, target shooting and racing toilets (a Gala activity). They have been played on by many people as well as Scots boys and most notably some current All Blacks.

All-Weather_CourtsAnother outdoor court is located near the Gymnasium.  Called the All-Weather Courts (or Astro), it also features an astro-turf all weather surface.  

It is used for a number of sporting activities such as hockey and tennis, and is a popular venue for holiday programmes.


GymnasiumThe gymnasium is an indoor facility with a multi-purpose court for playing such sporting activities as basketball and volleyball.

Also included is a weight training room.



Weights Room

Weights RoomScots College’s new Weights Room, a long awaited addition to the current Gymnasium, opened on April 2015.

The building of this new facility is a major step in code specific development at the College. Scots College and its team are affiliated to the New Zealand Secondary Sports Council and to College Sports New Zealand. Such a Gymnasium and Weights Room complex allows our students to practise and upskill their sport on site. It not only provides this opportunity to every student at Scots College, but also to members of the wider community including parents.


Hodge Sports Centre

Hodge_Sports_CentreThe Hodge Sports Centre is a new addition to the sporting facilities at Scots College.  Officially opened in November 2011, the HSC is an impressive structure located at the playing fields. 

This is a fully enclosed area providing a four lane indoor practice facility for cricket, with retractable nets which effectively doubles as a second College gymnasium.

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